InWorldz has Relay For Life 2012

This is InWorldz first Relay For Life, we hope to continue to this wonderful fundraiser for many years to come. I really can not say or introduce the RFL InWorldz  any better that Eros himself. You can read his wonderful introduction of it here Relay For Life InWorldz .

You can be kept up to date in the Official Forums for InWorldz  here Relay For Life -Forum Topic .

I offered to to make an official RLF Inworldz Bear for a fundraiser. below is a picture of the bears.

Meet RuFfLez the Bear.

I made the bears using the bear sculpt maps created by Linda Kellie ( The graphics for the skin of the bears was donated Kelly4,  scripts were donated tormie, borg1985 and Megan. Thank you all for all for generosity and help.

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